We started a new series entitled, Legacy. The central theme of this series is living a life that last. If we desire for our life to live on, then we must determine to leave a lasting impact. 

The Bible says in Psalm 112:5-6, "Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice. Surely he will not be shaken. A righteousness man will be remembered forevermore."

Legacy is the influence and impact you leave from the life that you live, shared from one generation to the next. How you live each day will determine what kind of legacy you will leave one day. 

Your legacy can be positive and prodcutuctive oegative and destructive. A gentleman wanted to surprise his wife on her anniversary so he was passing a store and saw a sign that said, “Say it with Flowers”. He thought I had never bought her flowers, so he went into the store, and said, “Wrap up one rose”… the florist responded, “Only One?” He smiled, “Just one… you could say I am a man of few words.”

What are we saying with our lives? If we only wrap up one day a week for the Lord to be in His house, what are we saying with our lives? If we are never reading the Bible, or spending time with God in prayer, what are we saying with our lives?  We will have to stand tomorrow on what we say today. We will have to give an account for our lives.  

A young lady was not too sharp when it came to cars, so her husband was trying to explain to her the positive qualities about this car she was thinking about buying… after naming a number of specs, he said, “On top of that, it has a high fuel efficiency.” She asked, “What does that mean?” Trying to put it in terms she might understand, he responded, “You will be getting around 10 malls per gallon.”  We need to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ in terms that our neighbors will understand, that our community will understand. We need to speak the language of the world around us.   Instead of defining love, grace, and mercy for them, we should be displaying love, grace, and mercy to them. Show them the message of the Gospel, as if you were trying to win the world without a word.

The goal is not to live forever on the earth, but by His grace, live a life that lives on, making a lasting impact. A life that echos into eternity for the praise of His glory.

As a disciple, we can make a decision to be difference makers in someone's life each day.

Our fingerprints will fade from the things that we hold, but not the lives that we touch. May our testimony leave a legacy for the praise of His glory!